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Feb 242010

Thanks to everyone who came and built lanterns at tonight’s workshop – great work! Below the jump, a few pictures.

Lantern festival’s this Sunday, 3:30 til sunset, near Picnic House in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Bring friends, kids, dogs, and lanterns (electric only – no fire allowed in the park). We’ll have snacks and hot cider… and lanterns. All the details are here.
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Lantern Festival!

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Feb 142010

Happy Year of the Tiger! We’re celebrating the first full moon of the new lunar year with a lantern festival! We’ll meet in Prospect Park on Sunday, February 28, to share our homemade lanterns. And to get ready, we’re holding a lantern-building workshop on Tuesday the 23rd, graciously hosted by Bug Labs!

up close and personal

lantern photo by jnthnhys

Lantern-Building Workshop
Tuesday, February 23, 6-9PM
$FREE, open to all ages
Please RSVP to [email protected]

Bug Labs Test Kitchen
598 Broadway, 4th floor

Build colorful, safe glowing lanterns with LEDs!

We’ll supply: construction materials and tools, bottomless box of light-emitting diodes, soldering help.
You bring: ideas, 9 volt batteries, colorful tissue papers or plastics, transparent jars/jugs/boxes, portable objects you’d like to decorate with lights, colorful blinky toys, etc.

Lantern Festival
Sunday, February 28, 3:30pm-sunset
$FREE, open to all ages
No RSVP necessary

Prospect Park, Brooklyn
Picnic area just north of Picnic House (enter at Prospect Park West and 5th Street)
[park map, google map]
The closest subways are 2/3 at Grand Army Plaza, and F at 7th Av.
If you have trouble finding us, call Ranjit at 646-270-2694.

Bring your handmade lanterns to show off, whether you made them at the workshop or at home! We’ll have hot cider and s’mores ; bring some snacks to share if you like. As it gets dark we’ll parade our lanterns north to Grand Army Plaza.

Please: NO FIRE! Don’t bring any lanterns that use candles, flames, or heat. Electric lamps, LEDs, flashlights, and glow sticks are all good ways to make fire-free lanterns.

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lasering dishes

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Jan 082010

I wanted to see what would happen if I put a ceramic (stoneware) dish under the lazzzor. I started with the settings for etching glass, but the laser handbook only recommends raster settings, and I wanted to try vector engraving as well, so I tried a bunch of variations.

In the above image, I rubbed a bit of pencil graphite into the engravings to make them more visible. My favorite vector setting was 100% speed, 50% power (on the 35W Epilog). Slower speed or more power raised an ugly lumpy bead of molten glaze, but 100/50 gave a nice smooth scratch.

For my raster test (lower left in the image), I used the recommended settings for glass at 600dpi: 35% speed, 10% power. It looked just fine so I didn’t try any other settings.

I thought maybe I could melt through the colored glaze to reveal the white ceramic underneath, but that didn’t work.

The zigzag line in the above image was engraved at 75% speed/100% power, and the straight line at 14/100. Neither was able to make a white line through the blue glaze. I was afraid to go any slower, because there was already quite a lot of heat building up. Also, I’m thinking of doing this in bulk to a lot of dishes, so I’m ruling out any technique that goes slowly (and thus costs more).

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a holiday visit

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Nov 282009

Yesterday Star Simpson, Billy Gordon, and Josh Gordonson (from MIT & Brooklyn Poly) came by to visit NYC Resistor. They told me of their crazy schemes and brilliant plans, and helped me eat a giant slice of strawberry cheesecake.

When I showed them my toy piano and the new sound-processing code I was messing around with, they immediately asked why I hadn’t plugged in a microphone. I swear I would’ve gotten around to it myself… someday.

singing and laughing with the toy piano from ranjit on Vimeo.

Thanks for visiting, guys – you’re welcome any time!

p.s. thanks to Isaac Schankler for help with the piano code; and we were both inspired by Peter Ablinger’s speaking piano.

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Oct 182009

During my recent trip to Japan, I got a quick look at the endless passages of electronic component vendors in Akihabara. Unfortunately, my traveling companions weren’t nearly nerdy enough to spend hours there with me.

components mall in Akihabara

the shiniest stall in Akihabara

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Aug 112009

For Awesome August I’m trying to make something of this ebay toy piano that got smashed by UPS.

The music is Philip Glass’s "Modern Love Waltz," inspired by toy-pianist Margaret Leng Tan

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