Aug 012008

Query: what the hell is this thing I’ve been lugging around for the past three years?

phooky's new toy!

An enigma, wrapped in a mystery, under acrylic

It’s some sort of StrongARM development system.  I think it may be related to the Intel “Brutus” eval boards, but I’m not certain.  The daughterboard is labelled “SA1110 daughter card”; there’s nothing useful on the larger board.  There’s a fairly anonymous StrongARM chip in the ZIF socket.  It feels like some sort of demo unit, given how it’s all gussied up and under acrylic.

phooky's new toy!

A profusion of useless geegaws

What’s on the big board?

  • one USB client port
  • three USB host ports
  • two classic RS232 ports
  • nine general-purpose indicator LEDs
  • eight general-purpose switches
  • two four-bit rotary switches
  • eight seven-segment w/ decimal LED displays
  • six audio jacks
  • a CF slot
  • a PCMCIA slot
  • and innumerable spare headers, LEDs, switches, etc.

Intel sold off all its StrongARM/PXA properties years ago, and scrubbed pretty much anything useful from its website. hasn’t been too helpful.  Anyone have any leads?

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