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Jan 212009

I like laser etching bizarre materials and the latest is compressed cellulose sponge, which can be found at most craft supply stores.

Emulating a fantastic lawyer from a classically elegant television show, The Simpsons, I made sponge business cards.
Compressed Sponge

Compressed sponges expand when you put them in water, its awesome! They were cut on a 35 watt laser at 100% speed, 100% power, and a frequency of 1000.

Expanded Sponge

You can pick up some of your own on Etsy. They’re super fun to play with. Oh, I guess you could use them for cleaning too. I did a whole bunch of tests with sponges, with full details at

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  1. Are they the same kind of sponge used to clean the tip of a soldering iron ?

  2. Yup, same kind!

  3. What, no pictures of the Menger sponge sponge? I only got one photo of the expanded form when I came to visit one open craft night:

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