Mikael Vejdemo-Johansson

Giant D20: I made my favorite theatre director cry…

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Sep 122017

One of the things I got hooked on when moving to New York City is the improv theatre show sequence The Campaign — a troupe plays out a D&D-style dungeon-crawling campaign on stage.

On a whim, I decided that I really should give them a Christmas gift, and realized that I had a pile of red mirror-acrylic scraps sitting around. After looking around for giant D20s, I decided to simply build my own to give them.

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#Noisebridge10th – A Hackerspace Anniversary

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Sep 112017

I’m a transcoastal transplant: my first hackerspace was Noisebridge, and I joined the day they opened their first space on 83c Wiese in September 2008. I was an active member until I left the Bay area in 2011.

Sutro Tower, for me personally the fundamental icon of San Francisco, and of Noisebridge.

This makes me about a year later to the party than the founding members of the Early Three: NYC Resistor, Noisebridge and HacDC all three came out of inspiration from the same Chaos Computer Camp in 2007 – the celebration of this start is what I’ll be writing about here.

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