Nov 282010
Do you have a product design that you’ve been putting off making for a while, but could blast it out in a jiffy with a 35 watt laser?
Want to make a pile of holiday decorations but hate all that cutting?
Would your loved one appreciate an engraved gift personalized from you?
Come take the laser class! It cuts wood, acrylic, paper, foamcore, leather, acetal, mylar and a lot of other things. It etches aluminum, steel, and glass. We’ll teach you all the basics to get you cutting your own designs.
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Nov 172010

555 Timer Un-Boxed

The 555 Timer IC is a classic from the days of analog electronics tinkering, hacking, and other good clean fun. Learn how the 555 can measure time! Blink an LED! Play music! Control a Servo motor! Output PWM! Wireless IR link to Arduino! Think of this as your Grandfather’s Arduino. The workshop will cover the basic configurations of the chip and what’s going on inside. Then we’ll explore more custom circuits and learn about how resistors and capacitors work together to control charge, and time events. You will get a kit with all the parts needed, a 9V battery and a breadboard. If you have your own servo, please bring it in.

This class is taught by Joel Murphy. Click here to sign up.

All NYC Resistor classes are for people 18-years and up.  Sorry, no minors.

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Nov 122010

The results are in for the hackerspace challenge. Check out the round-up and the winners here:

Note the subliminal signals we’re sending to Mitch Altman. There’s the golden trophy in the background (never mind that it’s Adam’s Calculus trophy) and Herb’s wearing Mitch’s Trip Glasses. There are TV B Gone kits 10 feet from the BarBot too.

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Nov 082010

Amy Holbrook Design

Amy Holbrook, who’s been lasering up a storm at NYC Resistor lately,
was selected in a run-off of 8 folks for 5 slots. Let’s help her get
in Martha Stewart’s Holiday Craft Sale.

She’s #6 AMH Design (there are 3 Amys in the run-off).

Click here to vote or cut-n-paste the link below:


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Nov 052010

The Transistor created a computer controlled zombie shoot-em-up based on Shaun of the Dead.

They won’t stay dead!

Click here to watch their episode.

This is the final episode before we find out who won the hackerspace competition!

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Oct 272010

Artisan’s Asylum, our competitor to the north (Boston), has entered the race with pancakes and eggs!

Watch their episodes:



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Oct 272010

Freeduino board and parts

This is your friendly introductory class to soldering and micro-controllers.  In this three-hour class we will:

  • Solder together a Freeduino board (an Arduino Duemilanove-compatible board)
  • Learn how to program it using the Arduino environment
  • Wire up several circuits and load up code to read sensors and light LEDs
  • Cover variables, functions, basic Arduino functionality
  • Show you how to get more help in the future for all your projects

When you leave, you’ll have a micro-controller, a mini-USB cable, a power supply and a few programs to play with.

The class will be taught by NYC Resistor members Jon Santiago & Kellbot.

Please bring a laptop with the Arduino environment on it.  It’s available at http://arduino.cc/en/Main/Software.

Click here to sign up at EventBrite.

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Oct 202010

Crash Space is one of the 5 participating hackerspaces in the VIMBY/Scion hackerspace competition: Take on the Machine. Watch as they build a Close Encounter Music Machine.

CrashSpace Store Front

Crash Space Store Front

Crash Space Episode: Part 1

Crash Space Episode: Part 2

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