Nov 172010

555 Timer Un-Boxed

The 555 Timer IC is a classic from the days of analog electronics tinkering, hacking, and other good clean fun. Learn how the 555 can measure time! Blink an LED! Play music! Control a Servo motor! Output PWM! Wireless IR link to Arduino! Think of this as your Grandfather’s Arduino. The workshop will cover the basic configurations of the chip and what’s going on inside. Then we’ll explore more custom circuits and learn about how resistors and capacitors work together to control charge, and time events. You will get a kit with all the parts needed, a 9V battery and a breadboard. If you have your own servo, please bring it in.

This class is taught by Joel Murphy. Click here to sign up.

All NYC Resistor classes are for people 18-years and up.  Sorry, no minors.

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  1. Amazing to think that the 555 has been around about 30 years, give or take a few.Or that its still usefull.

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