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Eric Beug

May 272008

Since when were hackers the best thing happening in Avant-garde music? SINCE ALWAYS DUMMY!

This event is curated by Speaker Synth artist Lesley Flanigan.

This Wednesday night at the Tank, a group of amazing people come together for a night of performances based on amplification. It will be AWESOME! A really special opportunity to see such a great, eclectic group of performers all in one night. For my part, I will perform both my latest speaker feedback instruments and Bioluminescence with Luke DuBois. So please come out and join us all for drinks, fun, and sound!


now come check out this awesome show at the tank in NYC at 7:00 pm
Scale of Sound


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Mar 262008


Tonight, hackers will take over the Tank in Chinatown, NYC!

ASDF; is a laptop quartet comprised of intractable innovators, beat mavens, shirtless composers, tireless experimenters, and robots. Using their QWERTY keyboards as midi triggers for software synthesizers and samplers, they cross-breed your expectations by performing both their own original works as well as unique mashups of works by composers such as Steve Reich and Philip Glass, and not excluding pop artists who won’t be mentioned here… asdf; brings a dance-party attitude to classical minimalism and postmodern experimentalism. In a word, asdf; is Laprock.

The Tank is a venu in NYC that is responsible for many great shows and also awesome hack-fests such as the Blip festival and also the Bent festival. Be sure not to miss this event!

Mar 132008

My good friend Chris McDonald made this extra-great, 2-axis drawing machine for doing time-lapse photography.

Here’s the info from his personal website vanita phone company

Gertrude uses two stepper motors to move an LED in a very high resolution x/y plane. The movement of the LED is photographed using exposures usually between 30 and 90 seconds. Gertrude can either be programmed to “print” a design automatically (“Christopher & Daniil”, the Hell Yup!: Scanlines shots) or controlled live via a joystick (Open&Close portrait series). 

II: Christopher & Daniil not talking (pt. 2 in a series of 2) 
II. christopher & daniil not talking (pt. 2 in a series of 2)

Hell Yup!: Scanlines 3 (Self-Portrait)
Scanlines 3 (self-portrait) 

Shift Registers

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Oct 052007

People often complain about the number of i/o pins available on the arduino microcontroller. There is a very simple solution for this that anybody readily using microcontrollers has probably considered: a parallel to serial shift register. This is probably one of the most useful tutorials I’ve seen started by Carlyn Maw and NYC Resistor’s own Tom Igoe on how to use them. This page is an excellent resource. shift register tutorial

Yes, I know what you are thinking: “that’s so obvious, its right on the arduino website.” I know right? Well good, then I won’t have tell you where to look the next time you are wondering how to read data from 8 switches while only using 3 pins on the arduino. This leaves you 10 i/o pins on your board.