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Aug 252009

Apparently at least more then any other american political group, it’s Opera.

Earlier this month I decided to use Amazon Mechanical Turk to test a hypothesis in which I posited that IE as a browser would bias to the political right, and other browsers (specifically firefox) would bias to the political left.  A lot of other interesting data surfaced including blockbuster performance of Firefox amongst Libertarians. Check out the whole analysis and grab the data!


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Feb 202009

My parents recently visited my aunt and uncle in china, and while there they picked up some rather nice high end watches direct from the factories. Most of the time, my father prefers his digital, and only wants to wear the watch he picked up in china when he’s in more formal dress. Thing is, the watch he bought is autowinding, so it’s always either dead, or at the very least really wrong every time he puts it on. So he asked me to come up with a crazy contraption to wind his watch. This is what I came up with:

Watch Winder 1

Check out the pipetastic mad whack watch winder.

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Nov 042008

I recently updated my arduino ambient orb to use some boards I got cut at a boardhouse in Colorado, and handed off a few of the finished products off to various friends of mine.  Well, my good friend John Erickson tossed together an awesome script for the election returns tonight. The orb starts off dark, and the script periodically checks the election results. As the results come in, the orb will gradually get brighter and brighter blue or red based on who is pulling in the EVs.

I grabbed his script and a spare board I had with me at the office, and used a plastic cup to whip up a quick electoral ‘orb’:

Obama Mccain
Obama wins! McCain wins!

I can’t wait to see the results tonight!

You can get the code for the electoral vote script from here and the full code and eagle schematics for the orb here.

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