Chris Fenton

Mar 032010

So as not to leave my fellow hardware engineers unrepresented, I present my entry for day 3 of March Madness:

The following code implements (poorly, no doubt) the 64-bit floating point reciprocal approximation unit from the Cray-1 (in Verilog 2001). Warning, not for the faint of heart =)

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Tuber Takeover!

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Jul 012009


Get your tuber on! Introducing the first multiplayer, competitive potato reproduction-simulator to grace the internets. This game lets you compete head to head with a friend to see who’s potato can reproduce the most. It’s multiplayer only, and supports same-computer, TCP/IP, IPX, modem and null-modem. Win95 or higher required.

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/I love making useless things

Feb 192009


I’ve always wanted my own supercomputer. Let’s be honest, what self-respecting geek doesn’t? Unfortunately, I’m usually poor, and I live in a space that’s ~300 ft^2 (that I share with someone else), so actually owning anything considered  “super” is out of the question. Fortunately, “Supercomputers” from the 1980’s weren’t actually all that complicated, and cheap FPGA boards have gotten pretty good. On that note, crank up the Devo and check out the Non-Von1.

Nov 092008

After many months, my Kaypro 2 is finally up and running! Weighing in at around 30 lbs, with a 4 Mhz Z-80 processor, 64kb of RAM,  (upgraded!) dual 360kb floppy drives, and the rock-solid CP/M 2.2 operating system, this box is a lean, mean computing machine. NYCR-BBS, anyone?