Nov 092008

After many months, my Kaypro 2 is finally up and running! Weighing in at around 30 lbs, with a 4 Mhz Z-80 processor, 64kb of RAM,  (upgraded!) dual 360kb floppy drives, and the rock-solid CP/M 2.2 operating system, this box is a lean, mean computing machine. NYCR-BBS, anyone?

  • Paul Benjamin

    This brings back the memories! I used to love to get my copy of Micro Cornucopia and try the hacks they explained. I over clocked my Kaypro and even added extra RAM that could be banked in to be used as a fast RAM drive with an assembly RSX.

    My Kaypro is long gone but thanks for the bringing up the memories.

  • Kellbot

    Oh man, time to call up Julie Stiles.

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  • phooky

    Lovely! Kaypro. The “pro” is for professional.

  • It’s so beautiful… it brings tears to my eyes

  • C Liendo

    So, will there be a Vintage Computer Group as part of NYC Resistor? It would be great to meet up with other vintage computer hobbyists..

  • Dave

    That is SO high tech!!!