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Nov 092008

After many months, my Kaypro 2 is finally up and running! Weighing in at around 30 lbs, with a 4 Mhz Z-80 processor, 64kb of RAM,  (upgraded!) dual 360kb floppy drives, and the rock-solid CP/M 2.2 operating system, this box is a lean, mean computing machine. NYCR-BBS, anyone?

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  1. This brings back the memories! I used to love to get my copy of Micro Cornucopia and try the hacks they explained. I over clocked my Kaypro and even added extra RAM that could be banked in to be used as a fast RAM drive with an assembly RSX.

    My Kaypro is long gone but thanks for the bringing up the memories.

  2. Oh man, time to call up Julie Stiles.

  3. Lovely! Kaypro. The “pro” is for professional.

  4. It’s so beautiful… it brings tears to my eyes

  5. So, will there be a Vintage Computer Group as part of NYC Resistor? It would be great to meet up with other vintage computer hobbyists..

  6. That is SO high tech!!!

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