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Oct 222011

Pumpkins to hack

Don’t forget that Sunday, 10/23, we have two back-to-back excellent workshops at Resistor: Alexis’s HTML5/CSS3 deep-dive workshop (sold out), followed by pumpkin hacking for Halloween.

The pumpkin party starts at 4pm. Please register (free!) on Eventbrite to RSVP. We’re thinking circuits, laser cutting, and maybe more.

We have a very small number of pumpkins available, along with cutting tools. Please BYOPumpkin. If you’ve got orange or purple LEDs or weirdo electronic components (or UV LEDs?!), bring those. We wouldn’t say no to contributions of snacks or tasty libations, either.

Photo: Trammell Hudson

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Oct 072011

We’re throwing a Halloween pumpkin-hacking party! We’ll be making pumpkins light up and react to touch sensing or maybe motion. We’re also thinking up pumpkin-y desserts featuring cooking those gourds with lasers and fire. Who’s in?

Bring your own pumpkin, with the seeds already scooped out. (We’ll have an extra or two, but you’ll have much more time to enjoy circuitbending your pumpkin if you come prepared.) Please also bring your own LEDs and any project components you might want to use. We’ve got plenty of soldering equipment.

Join us on Sunday, October 23rd, from 4-8pm. Space is limited, so get your (free) tickets here

Photo by Windell Oskay of Evil Mad Scientist Labs.

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Oct 042011

Catarina Mota, Alicia Gibb and Shelby Arnold built a speaker made entirely from copper foil tape on cardstock + a magnet. They’re testing it with the JelTone edible piano. The speaker’s design comes from the High-Low Tech Research Group at MIT.

The tape is applied to the paper in a coil-shaped pattern. When connected to the output lines of the JelTone with alligator clips, then suspended over a magnet, the speaker produces a soft hum. This sound matches the tones that the piano produces when hooked up to a real amplifier, though it’s a lot softer and noisier.
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Apr 082011

Have you ever purchased a snack, beverage, breadboard, or kit from a Resistor vending machine?

Ever wonder what happens to your lovingly deposited dollars after that?

Scrooge McRaph


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