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Sep 292023

Artificial General Intelligence:  A Work Group

Pay-what-you-wish tickets for this Wednesday, October 11 · 7 – 10pm EDT workgroup are on EventBrite.

this is an artificial general intelligence work group. the reason the term agi has been chosen over, say, machine learning, or artificial intelligence, or generative ai is because those terms have become more to do with the industrial use cases of certain human capacities rather than to do with the exploration of how information and knowledge are navigated by minds. the topics of machine learning and neural networks are still crucial. in fact, the purpose of this group as far as there is one is to take the increasingly impressive technical results coming out of those fields and contextualize them within social, aesthetic, psychological, economic, etc, paradigms we find ourselves within.

if you have found yourself drawn to the ideas that are expressed in books like /godel escher bach/, /the machinic unconscious/, /the lathe of heaven/, /the dispossessed/, /metaphors we live by/, /the c programming language/, and/or the nsa/ncsc rainbow series, show up. if you find yourself in awe of 256 byte demos, neural annealing, the edges of perception, or/and langsec, come by.

bring a piece of text you find interesting, bring a song, bring some code, bring some funny little puzzles, bring questions and maybe someone else will have brought an answer. this intends to be a collective conversation and action.

The host space:

In the tradition of NYC Resistor’s early Microcontroller Study Group, we are happy to provide our hacker space for meeting to explore emerging technology.

Who is the group for?

this group is for anyone interested in both deep diving on the newest technical advances and the wildest implications of those new technical developments. come with a willingness to share your perspective and your work in whatever form of expression it might take. if you use machine learning in your art, come. if you work on ASIC accelerators come. if you are obsessed with experience itself, come. if you care about people and their relationship to each other and the tools they use, show up!

The suggested donation of $15-20 will both be put towards drinks (Club Mate), and support the space.

This is a masks optional event.

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