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Sep 252023

Making Music with Code

Tickets for this Saturday, September 30 · 12 – 3pm EDT workshop are on EventBrite

A three hour workshop exploring how to create music with code, using a web-based tool called Strudel. Preview of the workflow: Creating a song from scratch with Strudel, a browser version of TidalCycles.

Your instructors:

Dan Gorelick is a musician, creative technologist, and organizer who is based in the Bay Area and has a presence in Brooklyn and Berlin. He creates live audiovisual performances, blending his classical cello experience with the practice of live-coding: creating music with code. He is a co-founder of the Bay Area live audio-visual collective AV Club as well as Club Code, a non-location-specific collection of artists focusing on live-coding performance. He is also an organizer and member of the LivecodeNYC and TopLap Berlin collectives. His workshops explore live-coding as well as the creative possibilities when using technology to create music.

Viola He (sandpills) is a Shanghai-born, Brooklyn-based artist, educator, and cultural organizer. Their creative practices engage with DIY electronics, programming, movements, and time-based media. Using algorithmic approaches to enhance, alternate, and obfuscate sounds and images, they work to explore pathways towards alternative structures, systems and interfaces. Viola often dreams about clowning, computational humor, and infiltrating digital spaces with physical bodies as tools for intervention.

This is a masks optional, but recommended, event.

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