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Jul 132023

Flame Effects Basics - A Talk About Propane and Propane Accessories

Get a ticket for this pay-what-you-wish Wednesday, July 19 · 7pm EDT talk

Interactive flame effects are the fanciest blinking lights available. Typically made of propane fittings and 12V solenoid controls, flame effects are a lot of fun and can also be quite risky. They have a lot in common with other 12V projects, like bar bots, but thanks to the risk of being a truly, dangerously unique audience experience, they operate under much more stringent safety restrictions than comparable systems. This talk will address not only programmatic 12V solenoid control and fun flame test color techniques, but also the safety code known as the NFPA-160, which helps protect audiences while they’re having fun.

Come on out! We’ll chat about some fun basic projects, some really advanced ones, permits that are required to handle this type of effect, and how to achieve a different fire colour than “orange” in your effects. There will be technical details! If nothing else, you will learn how to check for gas leaks in your house!

Our speaker:

Alex Leitch is an interactive technologist from Toronto, Canada. They helped to bring flame effects to several Burning Man related events circa 2010, and have continued working on systems for selective, portable effect color since. Alex spends a lot of time thinking about how to make technical processes accessible to new audiences, and how interaction interfaces work with experience design. They are also the co-director of the Human-Computer Interaction M.S. at the University of Maryland, College Park, where they are working on their PhD in information studies.

This is a masks optional event.

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