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Mar 192023

Egg Dioramas: March Make-Along

Tickets on EventBrite for this Sunday, March 26 · 3 – 6pm EDT class.

This is not your typical craft class. Make-Along is a self-guided craft workshop where participants learn new skills, explore new materials, and make great things!

March’s Topic:  Miniatures—Egg Dioramas 

Inspired by a weird old book we found, this month you’ll make 1700’s style hallowed out egg dioramas only we’ll be using dremels. Consistently one of our weirdest and most fun yearly make-alongs! If you’ve ever wanted to see egg-contents shoot 20 feet this is the make-along for you! Join us as we all try to make the tiniest dioramas in actual organic egg shells (and some foam ones for the vegan crowd) and fill our world’s with creatures and landscapes.

Are you a beginner?  We’ll provide eggs, figurines, minatures, and items to help make your dioramas your own.

Are you a master?  Show off your skills and inspire others!  Bring a project, use our materials, and hang out in a great space while doing what you love.

This class will lead by NYC Resistor member Colleen.

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