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Feb 122023

One Year of Open Source Picking and Placing

Tickets available for this online/pay-what-you-wish talk. Wed, Feb 22, 2023, 8:00 PM EST with recording available 30 days for asynchronous viewing.

There’s this daunting gap between building ten of something and building a thousand of something. It’s too much to do by hand, but too little to justify outsourcing. Brave electronics hackers have spent tens of thousands purchasing commercial automatic pick and place machines in the hope of bridging this gap, however, these machines are far out of reach for most of us.

I’ve spent the last year among a community of folks building and expanding on a open source pick and place machine that can be made for less than $2,000. Like the early days of hobby 3D printing, there’s a lot of brilliant people trying interesting, sometimes wildly different, approaches to hard problems. This talk is about those people. I’ll take you through the start of our project and highlight some really interesting challenges and solutions our community has come up with. I’ll also talk about the future of our little machine and how you could get involved.

This event will be online via Zoom, and tickets will be Pay-What-You-Wish.

The suggested price for this talk is $15. Refunds up to 24 hours before the event. Event page with Zoom link will become available 1 hour before the event begins. Recording will be available to ticket holders for a minimum of 30 days after the event.

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