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Feb 092023

(In-Person) Arduino: Sensors and Input/Output

Tickets available on EventBrite for this Sun, February 19 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM class.

Want to get started with physical computing?

Learn to program with Arduino and interact with the physical world! In this class, we’ll cover an introduction to Arduino and learn how to manipulate outputs based on sensor inputs. No prior programming or electronics knowledge is required. This is the in-person version of this class– you may also be interested in the online version.

Topics covered

  • What is Arduino?
  • Software setup (IDE, how to program it, the Serial monitor)
  • Reading schematics and wiring diagrams
  • Basics of breadboarding
  • Controlling output (blinking/fading an LED)
  • Reading sensor input (with a pushbutton, potentiometer and light sensor)
  • Combining input and output


At this in-person class, you will receive a basic electronics starter kit, which contains a starter pack of electronics components and sensors, including a breadboard, wires, light sensor, temperature sensor, LEDs, switches, buzzer and more. You will also receive an Adafruit Metro (Arduino UNO equivalent).

Students should bring their own laptop and install some free software ahead of time:

Who should take this class?

Basic computer knowledge is assumed, and we’ll refresh a few concepts from high school physics and math. No previous experience with coding or circuits is required. Class size is extremely limited to allow physical distancing and provide the most opportunities for conversation and individual troubleshooting.

OK, awesome, I want to join!

Please be ready to start at 1pm!  We find that you will need this time to get through the whole class. Our classes tend to sell out about a week in advance so if you’re interested, you may want to sign up early.

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