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Jan 292023

Use Those Guts!: Building From Salvaged Components

Tickets for this Feb 8 6-9pm class are on EventBrite

Your victory is complete! You’ve wrested scores of motors, buttons, sensors and switches from the innards of scavenged e-waste. But how do we actually use all these gears, belts, pumps, speakers, and other mechanical and electrical doodads?

During this class we’ll demonstrate how to make use of all the random components we’ve acquired. We’ll learn how to identify and wire up different types of motors, sensors, and switches, how to reuse gears and timing belts, and how to make things that move and beep and glow! At the end of the class we’ll collaborate to make a simple trash robot that, if not exactly useful, should be at least endearing.

This class with be taught by Adam Mayer. Adam is a longtime NYCR member who has been disassembling and resurrecting old equipment for a decade and a half. He has a stack of inkjet printers in his home that is as tall as he is.

This is a follow up to his popular Grab the Guts: Salvaging Electronic Parts from Street Trash class, but works as a stand-alone.

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