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Dec 282022

Grab the Guts!: Salvaging Electronic Parts from Street Trash

Grab the Guts!: Salvaging Electronic Parts from Street Trash on EventBrite

Every trash day you stroll past discarded robots! Learn their stories, rescue their organs and use them to power the machines of tomorrow.

Your neighborhood is awash in discarded robots! Every time trash day rolls around, you’ve no doubt strolled past a dozen printers, televisions, toasters, or other sophisticated electronic devices that have been dumped on the sidewalk and left for dead. Each one of them has a story to tell, and parts to offer. Wouldn’t it be nice to learn those stories, and rescue their organs to power the machines of tomorrow?

During this class we’ll be taking apart several inkjet printers we’ve rescued from the cold, bitter streets of Brooklyn to find out what makes them tick and to save the parts that we can use to make other things tick. Along the way we’ll learn a bit about manufacturing, design, and why things are built the way they are. When we’re done, we’ll hopefully have a bountiful harvest of buttons, motors, gears, sensors, screens and other useful bits that you can use in your own projects!

This class with be taught by Adam Mayer. Adam is a longtime NYCR member who has been disassembling and resurrecting old equipment for a decade and a half. He has a stack of inkjet printers in his home that is as tall as he is.

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