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Jun 072022

Come see Adelle Lin and Matt Pinner‘s new interactive art piece Sprite Beings at the Interactive Show June 10:

Ceramic containers are dipped, glazed, and fired, imprinting process and texture onto their surface. Custom software is coded for each sprite being, responding to their formal properties and titles, to create internal lights that shift in color and tone. When the sprites are placed next to each other, behavior emerges whereby they seemingly interact and synchronize with one another, shifting hues as if conversing, as they illuminate the internal ceramic body. These sprite beings invoke the feelings the artists have of grappling with external events, where one has to dig deep to find hope and inspiration. Each piece transcends the boundary of art and nature, organic versus man-made.

The 12th Annual Interactive Show: Cursed Technology Shop
NYC Resistor’s Interactive Show returns for its 12th iteration. Our annual party and fundraiser invites hackers from around the region to show off their cool interactive projects with free beats and beers provided. Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door.

This year’s theme is Cursed Technology Shop. Our bots have been cooped up too long, it’s time to let their chaos reign. More projects to be announced soon. Keep checking the Resistor Blog and follow us on Instagram for previews!

Grab your tickets now!

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