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May 062022

Cyber Risk Insurance: The Inner Workings of a Complex Industry (in person)

Next up in our Live Circuit series of talks:

Cyber! Risk! Insurance! Join to learn about who it’s for, what it does, and doesn’t do, and why it matters with expert Leroy Terrelonge.Date and time

About this event

Sat, May 14, 2022

2:00 PM – 3:30 PM EDT

Pay-What-You-Wish (suggested price $15)

In-Person Tickets or Online Tickets

Join us for a fun and fascinating discussion to open a window into a world that many people know little about. Its impact is significant and growing, affecting for many of us as consumers and employees at companies that work with sensitive data.


Leroy Terrelonge is our guest for this talk. He is an expert on Cyber Risk Insurance and is currently a Vice President and Senior Analyst in the Cyber Risk Group at Moody’s Investors Service. He and his team do work that’s frequently referenced in the media, including this report from the Wall Street Journal: “Boards, Security Chiefs Face Challenges Over New Cyber Rules”


Other than being a good human, Leroy is exceptional in a number of ways. He speaks English, Russian, Persian (Farsi, Tajik, Dari), Spanish, French, Arabic, Kazakh, and Jamaican Patois and has a significant amount of experience working in the Intelligence Community, conducting research and developing intelligence about a broad range of topics, including cyber crime, national security, and political risk.


Gene Radin will lead this session and use his extensive product management experience and specific focus on privacy and security matters in technology to keep things interesting and help to make sure that we all learn something useful.


Please join us if…

  • You’re a curious person who wants to hear about an interesting topic.
  • You’re working at a company that doesn’t have a cyber insurance policy and might want or need one
  • You’re starting a business and want to set it up for safety, whether or not you’ll need a policy in the future
  • You’re part of a company that doesn’t have a well developed security or privacy program and have questions about what actions you can take to reduce risk for yourself and other employees, the business, and consumers.


Bring your questions!


There are two ways to attend this event —people who want to join us in person (proof of full vaccination with K/N95 masks must be worn at all times and are available for anyone who needs one), but you can also participate via an online feed that you can access using Zoom


Anyone attending NYC Resistor events is required to follow our code of conduct. Ticket purchases help us to serve our community and keep the doors open at our hacker space in Brooklyn. Learn more about both:

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