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Feb 242022

Learn to create art algorithmically in our March 13th online p5.js class!

p5.js is a JavaScript library which makes it easy to create computational art in any browser. It is easy to learn and use but can also be combined with other libraries to become a powerful tool for creation. Based on Processing, p5.js can also be used to make animations and interactive work.

This class will dive into different strategies for creating interesting algorithms, including exploring the use of color and texture. We’ll talk about how to control randomness to create organized chaos. Generative art isn’t limited to abstract geometric design! p5.js can be used to create figurative work as well.

Sketchy drawing of a fictitious house

ArchiSketch by KT

This is a beginner friendly class, however you do need to already be familiar with basic programming concepts such as functions, variables, and loops. It’s OK if you don’t have any JavaScript experience, the core ideas will translate between languages.

Completed p5.js programs, called sketches, can be shared on platforms such as, embedded in any web page, or exported and saved as an image.

This class is taught by NYC Resistor alumni member Kelly Maguire, who uses p5.js to generate unique postcards. Anyone can request a postcard, which is mailed using a print-on-demand direct mail service and sent directly to their homes.

Class meets virtually at 12pm Eastern time on March 13, 2022. To register head to EventBrite.

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