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May 012019

Native Seed Bomb Workshop is taking place at NYC Resistor on Sun, May 12. Tickets are available on Eventbrite.

Let’s make seed bombs using native plants appropriate to NYC’s urban landscape!

There’s a lot of pavement in our city. To support a healthy ecosystem, we need to make the most of anywhere that things can grow. Sometimes those places are out of reach, and seed bombs are are an efficient way to get helpful plants growing in ‘unused’ spaces like vacant lots, street dividers, and subway cuts.

We’ll consider New York’s unused growing areas, plants that can grow in them, and what the plants can do, such as supporting pollinators and remediating the soil.

Then we’ll each select seeds appropriate for our particular nefarious plans and make our own seedbombs!

It is Mother’s Day, so this workshop has multiple ways it coincide with the holiday: Celebrate Mother Earth! Honor your own Mom-ness! Bring your mom along! Memorialize a mom no longer with us! Avoid a mom from whom you’re estranged! Give seed bombs to a mom as a present!

Get your tickets on Eventbrite.

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