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Oct 172015

Are you interested in making vector display art or playing retro arcade games on XY monitors? Then you will be excited to hear that NYC Resistor is having a class on interfacing with oscilloscopes, vector monitors and laser projectors. After soldering together the 1 MHz DAC boards, we’ll explore how to write your own vector games or art pieces.

Vectrex and Toughbook
We’ll also show how to patch MAME to output the vectors to the USB port and how to convert the classic Vectrex game console to an XY monitor. Asteroids, Lunar Lander and Tempest look great on a real CRT vector display with real phosphors.

"Codex" by Duncan Malashock
We’re also organizing a vector demo scene exhibition in NYC in January. This is your chance to display your glowing line art or video game and show off your retro-aesthetic skills. More details on this will be posted later.

Buy your class tickets (includes the DAC board) and bring your laptop with your creative straight-line ideas to the space on 21 November!

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