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Solder paste

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Jul 142014

MOSFET level shifters
If you find yourself soldering tiny SMD packages, like these dual MOSFETs, you might pull out the microscope and get to see the solder paste for what it really is:
Solder paste under the microscope
So many tiny balls of solder! And as all of the microscopic spheres melt, surface tension pulls the blob onto the pads in the most amazing way.

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  1. Nice pix. We have been experimenting with solder paste – filling in the troughs of the SCADuino with a copper dust and solder paste mixture – trying to make the paste flow a bit. It’s mostly clumping and not flowing yet. Any chance you would like to collaborate? The SCADuino is at and we are planning to post a new stl with deeper troughs as soon as we print a few more. Please let us know.

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