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May 312014


Interactive Party – Homebrew Bar

So with the interactive party around the corner,  Travis Collins and I ( Matt Joyce ) have been working on the final touches for 3 homebrew beers that have been brewed at NYC Resistor.  I figured that I would take a moment to introduce you to each of them.

NYC Resistor is on the site of a former brewery that operated from 1850-1907, finishing it’s days as the Federal Brewing Co.  They used to brew German style bock beer to beer purity standards.    Things in the US have changed considerably since the hay day of Brooklyn’s brewing industry.  Among those changes is our complete departure not only from German style beers but from beer purity laws as well.  Much of what we drink in the US, isn’t even allowed to be called Beer in some parts of Europe.  We don’t care.  We left Europe and told those stick in the muds to shove off for a reason.  We love freedom, and exploration, and really wild new things.

So, for this party, I put together at least one new wild beer for your consumption, revulsion, or love.

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That brings us to our first beer of the evening.

Copo do Corrupção IPA  ( Corrupt Cup IPA )

As the world cup approaches, I’ve decided to use an ingredient near and dear to a land I once called home.  This is a beer that had Guarana seeds infused in the mash during our brew process.  We’ve also hopped it up as an IPA.   We suspect the flavour will be a bit bitter, a bit citrusy, and a bit floral.  This is an experimental beer, and is pretty unique for this hemisphere.  I called it Corrupt Cup as a shout out to the people of Brasil who are struggling to reconcile the contrast between poverty and the excess of hosting the world cup this summer.  I wish that country the best of luck.  It’s a wonderful place, filled with outlandishly awesome people.

Grains used:  Maris-Otter, Munich Malt Dark, Carapils, Caramel/Crystal Malt
60L, Melanoiden Malt
Hops:   Northern Brewer, Citra, Cascade
Guarana:  3/4 lb of seed powder

OG:   1.062
FG :  1.020
ABV:   5.51% ( maybe a bit more )

The other two beers are pretty simple and pretty weak.  We’d rather you had fun than end up feeling drunk or sick.  So we’ve gone out of our way to produce a couple of beers that are delicious, but light in weight and alcohol.  One is dark, one is light.  May they rule the night.

I guess we’ll start with the darkness…

Connection Refused Porter

Part of a partigyle brew, this light porter is delicious and low in everything.  It’s basically a near beer it’s so low in alchol.  It’s big brother is however a 10.5% imperial stout.  Unlike that monster, this beer you can drink to your hearts content without fear or remorse.  Which will keep you cool and ready to party interactive style all night.   I’ve tasted this, and it’s carbonating as we speak.  It’s delicious.  You’ll enjoy it.

Grains: Maris-Otter, 2 Row, Black Patent, Brown Malt, Flaked Wheat
Hops: Fuggles

OG:  1.030
FG:   1.014
ABV:  2.1%

The last homebrew is a return to the beloved IPA style.  This is what’s colloquial known as a Session IPA.


Session Cookie IPA

This IPA should be light, floral, and fun to drink.  Refreshing without too much risk of getting tanked.  This will be coming off dry hopping early next week and going direct to keg.

Grains:  NY 2-Row, CaraPils
Hops:    Columbus, Chinook, Cascade

ABV:   Expected to be around 3% ( full measurements not taken yet )

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