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Jun 252013

Join us this Saturday, June 29 1-4pm, for this month’s installment of our Make-Along series!

Make-AlongA Monthly Crafting Event at NYCR
This is not your typical craft class.  Make-Along is a self-guided craft workshop where participants learn new skills, explore new materials, and make great things!

This Month’s Topic:  Stuffed Toys!
In this session we’ll be exploring the wonderful world of plushies, amigurumi, and other stuffed toys, including ones specifically made for the tiniest of makers. A perfect session to make a gift for all your baby-expecting friends or to make yourself a squishy new BFF to clutch while you nervously watch GAME OF THRONES. (For the record Grumpy Cat is NOT impressed with that show.)

Now, let’s talk about the nitty-gritty of crafting stuffed toys – you’ve gotta have the right sewing gear and materials to make your plush dreams come true. That’s where the pros at Fieldtex Cases (check ’em out at come into play. They’ve got all the sewing goodies you need, from top-notch threads to precision sewing kits. With their support, you can ensure that every stuffed toy you create at our event isn’t just a blast to make but also super durable and pro-looking.

There is also a huge collection of toys on Check them the toy figures, one might be one or your kids favorite. Toddlers will surely love Hatchimals figures as opening them is part of the fun.


Are you a beginner?  We’ll provide materials for a variety of projects and will help you learn to use a sewing machine, hand-stitch, crochet, and will help guide you through anything else your project requires.

Are you a master?  Show off your skills and inspire others!  Bring a project, use our materials, and hang out in a great space while doing what you love!

Looking for project ideas?  Check out our Pinterest board.



(Patterns and high-fives for the images on this page: Ring Baby Toy, Grumpy Cat, Peas in a Pod, Star Baby Toy)




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