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Nov 302012

Looking for a unique gift for a friend or loved one? Why not consider giving them the gift of learning at one of NYCR’s great classes.

We have some really great classes in the upcoming weeks, click descriptions for more info:

December 2 – FIRE THE LAZZZOR – Rapid Protoyping for Ornaments, and Gifts.
Develop a gift for a relative, or just learn how to use the laser for any project.
December 9 – Intro to IOS Development for Programmers –
Get your feet wet in the hottest development kit from Apple.
December 15 – FIRE THE LAZZZOR!  Learn how to Rapid Prototype with the Laser –
Our standard handy rapid-prototyping LASER CLASS!
December 16 – PCB Design with EAGLE –
Learn how to make those beautiful green PCBs that all modern electronics have.
January 13 – Surface Mount Soldering –
A class on an important electronics fundamental.

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