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Oct 072012

USB mill controller and e-stop

Do you want to be able to control software with interesting things?

USB Iambic Morse Keyboard

Do you want to type text in a weird way?

WASD keyboard

Do you often need to type just the W-A-S-D and space keys?

"Hack it"
Standing desk with foot pedals

Or do you have have ideas for repurposing devices to connect them to your computer? Then sign up for the USB Human Input Device class at NYC Resistor next weekend, 14 October 2012!

The class covers writing firmware for the AVR to implement various USB HID classes, such as keyboards, mice and joysticks, using both raw USB calls and Arduino libraries. Included in the class is a Teensy 2.0, a breadboard and switches for building a simple human input device that you can take home to prototype your next gadget project. Anything with buttons, pedals, sliders or knobs can be used to make an input device once you know how!

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  1. Oh I wish this class will be recorded 🙁

  2. E-stop over HID? NO!

    That’s just a _suggestion_ that you’d like the machine to stop, some time when it has next finished processing interrupts and events (and if it hasn’t crashed first). An E-stop means STOP, and it means STOP even when this breaks the machine if it’s pressed in mid-stroke. That’s always better than having a software-glitched machine you’ve lost control of.

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