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Jul 032012

Hey, you know what’s great? Numbers. Everybody loves numbers! I love numbers, you love numbers. Numbers are the best. But you know who doesn’t love numbers? Laptop manufacturers, who are horrible trolls with hearts of coal. They are so opposed to everything good and right in this world that they have completely eliminated numeric keypads from modern laptops. This is because they are the enemies of numbers, and of fun.

IMG 0725

But that doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to a miserable life of hand cramps and slow data entry! PJRC has a great USB HID implementation for the Teensy that makes it simple to make a keyboard out of just about anything… even a thirty year old piece of lab equipment.

All the code is up at github. EXTRA ARCHAISM BONUS: I’ve converted the character bitmap data from the Waters 600E firmware into a BDF font. You can snag it here!

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