Feb 292012

Do you want to add computer vision to your project? Do you want to make your own 3D images, vision-based musical instrument using a kinect, or teach your robot how to follow a ball? In this class Ingenuitas, the maker’s of SimpleCV, will give you an introduction to performing computer vision with python. We will cover the basics of computer vision and provide a brief introduction to python. This 2.5 hour class will start with a 90 minute tutorial, followed by an hour of demos where we will show you how a number of awesome projects that were made in just an afternoon. We will conclude with an hour or more of open instruction where we work on projects and the instructor will provide discussion relevant to student interest and one on one feedback. Students should bring a laptop with SimpleCV installed and a web cam or Microsoft Kinect. Students should install SimpleCV and python before attending and bring either a web cam or Microsoft Kinect.