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Dome If You Want To

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Feb 182012

Tonight, we assembled our new 16′ diameter PVC dome. The result of two solid Saturdays of work, it came together beautifully. Now we just need to disassemble it and move all the furniture back in before tomorrow’s class…

The members are 1″ PVC pipe. We flattened the ends by heating them briefly in the kiln…

… and clamping them between two handy bits of heavy metal.

A few minutes with the drill press to finish them up…

Installing the top

… add a few bolts, washers, and nuts to flavor.

Dome view

And then take it all down to adjust the angles…

Installing the top

Put it back up…

Complete dome view

Just a few more bolts, and there you are. All dome!

Now you can dome in the morning, you can dome at night, you can dome when you wanna dome.




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  1. wait, we have a kiln? 

  2. were you using pre determined angles or just eyeballing it?

  3. What are you guys going to do with this dome?

  4. Too bad The DOME Project on Amsterdam Ave between 83/84 Streets doesn’t have the space for it. It’s part of their logo because back in the early 70s when John Simon founded the nonprofit youth program, they went upstate and built a similar geodesic dome as a science project and team building activity.

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