Sep 262011

Extinguisher aftermath
Today 9/26 Laser Night is cancelled due to a fire last Monday in our Laser.  Rest assured we’ll be back in order by next week.  We’re just awaiting the repair parts, which we expect to have in, in 3-4 days.

Laser grid aftermath

  • pics?

  • pics?  what caught on fire?

  • Johnathan_weisner

    Will the laser be up for craft night? :X

    • Johnathan_weisner

      poor laser.

    • We don’t expect it to be up for craft night, but it should hopefully be back for next week’s laser night.

      • Johnathan_weisner

        Thank you, Kellbot. I might come today anyway just for fun.

  • Hi Jonathan, probably not.

  • Anonymous

    Somebody- or something- took this ” Fire the Lazzzor!” thing WAY too seriously. Somebody could’ve put an eye out with that thing, or something. ( End of humor )

  • Johnathan_weisner

    I miss you laser 🙁