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Sep 092011

A common complaint around NYC Resistor nowadays is that we never blog anything anymore. And it’s true! We’re so busy hacking on stuff that we hardly ever get the chance to document it. Bad hackers!

Anyway, here’s a project from May of this year. It’s Hexascroller, your friendly neighborhood integrated clock/wireless notification system/annoying beep generation solution! Hexascroller was hacked together from donated LED panels for this past spring’s Interactive Party. It’s got six 30×7 LED displays, an Arduino Mega, a charmingly obnoxious loudspeaker, a DS1307+ RTC, and an XBee all hanging precariously from a wooden frame assembled with sturdy hot glue construction techniques. It’s hanging from a ceiling beam in our front room like some demented Flying Saucer of Damocles.


At the Interactive Party we had Hexascroller displaying tweets, but nowadays it primarily functions as a clock. You can use an XBee to connect to it if you need to scroll a message or make a horrible noise to draw attention to the message you’ve just scrolled. You can see it in action below:

As always, the source is up on GitHub. Enjoy!

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  1. You guys should let people send text messages to it! Thats what I did with my LED sign for my parties 😛

  2. I was about to make a silly comment onthe lack of blogging & the music the Hexascroller makes. but after reading the specs, I realize that we’re talking Arduino, not soundblaster. In retrospect, I’m impressed with the result, even the “Super Mario” tune.

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