May 162011

I’m Kellbot! I’m a member of NYCR, and I love gaming.

My friend Katherine and I have been working like crazy on a game project for the last few months, and we’re thrilled with what we’ve accomplished so far. Now, we’re trying to bring it to an open beta while making it as fantastic as possible. We’ve started a Kickstarter campaign to get us there.

City of Epic is an RPG based around real-world exercise. Rather than get all TL;DR, I’ll let this “high quality” video explain it:

If you like some combination of gaming, fitness, and awesomeness, please consider donating!

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  1. With my luck, I’ll be pitted against asteroids, SARS, giant radioactive movie monsters, and the Philadelphia Flyers, all at the same time.
    (Could be worse…Mimes?)  

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