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May 112011

Keychain update

Reinventing the keychain

I’m tired of my keys always jangling in my pocket, so I built a key-multi-tool out of a Crank Brother’s M5 bicycle tool. While I had the tool disassembled, I rearranged it so that the M3, M4 and #2 phillips were on the same side, which leaves room for five keys on the other side. It turns out other people had the the same idea. My keys still need cutting down since the key heads on the Medco keys are so large.

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  1. Just did one of these myself, already been through two airport security checkpoints without any hitches (besides being asked to fan the keys out for better x-ray coverage).

  2. i love this idea i gust wanted to ask if u can go a little into depth and is it possible to do this with a Swiss army knife

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