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30 days of watches

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Apr 262011

Inspired by Ranjit’s instrument-a-day (Make coverage), I’m writing a new wrist watch face every day for my progamable inPulse watch (more background). The full sources are posted online for others to build on.

Utah Teapot rendering
Odometer clock
24 Hour Analog clock

Day 1 was a fixed point 3D rendering engine with a rotating Utah Teapot, day 2 was a rolling odometer or aviation altitude ticker display and day 3 is a 24-hour analog clock. This last one still needs some work.

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  1. Woo! Someone else is doing what I’m too lazy to do!

  2. aww, too bad I’m not the watch-wearing kind of person… (how much space does it have? Can you pull them together into an app that shows a different clock face for every day of the year?)

  3. So eh… I’m a visual artist, and I would love to do things like this… I’m not a C coder though… How would I get into it??

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