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Apr 072011

MIT’s Scratch is a visual, block-based programming language that enables everyone, especially young people, to create sophisticated and interactive computer programs without having to know a syntax, text-based language.  Scratch users can create games, visualizations, animations, and music.   In this 3 hour class you will learn how to write Scratch Programs and also how to control them with an Arduino board using S4A (Scratch 4 Arduino).  This class is ideal for teachers and for parents who wish to teach physical computing to students ages 8 and up. No prior programming experience or knowledge of Scratch is necessary.   You must bring a laptop in order to take the class.   Please bring an Arduino, a breadboard, and sensors if you have them.  If you don’t, you may purchase an Arduino and breadboard/sensor kit from us.

Purchase a ticket here:

For more info, contact Jon Santiago: [email protected]

[* Note: NYCR has a policy that all class participants must be aged 18 or older]

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