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Nov 292010

This Sunday, December 5th, why not take a break from holiday shopping to learn how to make microcontrollers do amazing things! This is a repeat of an excellent class from earlier this year called Beyond Arduino: Using Microcontrollers Directly. In this class, you’ll build a shield for an Arduino that can be used to program other ATMega chips from 8 to 28 pins. Then, you’ll build your own circuit on a breadboard using at ATMega328 and a ATTiny85. You’re getting a lot of nice gear and experience with making creations that don’t need a $30 board.

Get details and sign up at our Eventbrite page for the event.

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  1. This hackerspace has accomplished the impossible – it has given me a reason to want to live in / near NYC! I wish I could attend this event!

  2. Have you ever considered trying to do one of these sessions online? There are some challenges with that approach, but you can use me as a guinea pig.

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