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Oct 262010

Laser Cutters are amazing wonderful tools, but they have a big downside: they create a lot of fumes, especially when cutting things like acrylic. So laser cutters have big filters, blowers, etc. to get rid of that smell. But the problem doesn’t stop there. When a piece of acrylic has been cut, it’ll stay warm for a bit and continue to off-gas. So if you take that freshly cut piece of acrylic out of the laser cutter, then the fumes will fill up the space where the freshly cut pieces are.

At Eyebeam, they have a clever hack to help with this problem. Its a box that is also hooked up the filter/blower where you can put your freshly cut pieces until they stop fuming away.

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  1. Great hack!
    Submerging the hot plastic in cold water might have been quicker, cheaper and easier. The water would block or absorb the gasses while cooling the plastic quickly.

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