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Oct 222010

libpd has reached a 0.1 release, enabling developers to use Pd as a sound engine in their applications. Out of the gate, we have extensive code samples for Android 1.5 and later, plus the basic tools to work on iOS (recent armv7 recommended for now, with other devices soon). In the near future, embedding Pd patches inside tools like Processing/Java, OpenFrameworks/C++, and Python should be just as easy. The library is based on Pd vanilla, so this is not a fork of Pd; you can use patches in it just as you would in any other version.

Developers will find the library, code snippets (for Android; iOS is coming), and even some handy abstractions:

To learn more:
Article on the release at createdigitalmusic:

Group for discussing Pd on mobile, embedded, and using libpd:

End users with Android phones or tablets can try out packages now:
… in addition to patches from Chris detailed in the CDM post above.

libpd available is thanks to the work of Peter Brinkmann, with testing, further development, documentation, and other contributions from the RjDj team (who are now adopting it in their future development work), Hans-Christoph Steiner, Chris McCormick (who has also added the ability to make HTML5 web interfaces), and Peter Kirn, along with members of the NYC Patching Circle at NYC Resistor.

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