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Oct 072010

Autonomous Ocean Sampler

WHAT: Andrew Harris built this autonomous ocean sampler to survey the concentration of plastics in the North Pacific Gyre, a giant plastic trash pile circulating in the ocean between California and Hawaii.  As the plastic degrades in the sunlight, it breaks up into ever smaller particulates ingestible by marine life.  Andrew’s device samples these plastics using a combination of custom parts, off-the-shelf components, and the open source Robot Operating System.  Come hear Andrew talk about his project at NYC Resistor!

WHEN: This Saturday, October 9th from 1pm to 2pm!

WHERE: NYC Resistor, 87 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

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  1. Hmmm.Now if it could be powered by the same decomposing plastic…Much like the slug eating robot that was talked about a few years ago, but alot less gross.

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