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Sep 202010

NYC Resistor was invited to join a 21 day hacking competition against 4 other hackerspaces. The competition video is hosted by Mitch Altman of Noisebridge, VIMBY, and Scion. Our episode will be featured next week!

Zoom out on logo

Episode 1 is here on VIMBY.

Meeting called to order!

Meeting called to order!

Mr. Stabby and Envelope

Mr. Stabby delivers the envelope containing the challenge.

NYCR huddle

Awesome assignment

Slot Machine entering NYCR

Slot Machine entering NYCR

Max hacking the interface

Max hacking the interface

Adam and Herb drill the machine

Adam and Herb "drill" the machine on Bartending 101


Our humble little BarBot


VIMBY Player in action

Go to VIMBY and watch Episode 1 now!

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  2 Responses to “Mitch Altman hosts video hackerspace series”

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  1. Looking forward to the next episode!

  2. Congrats! You did a really nice job. you deserve the win. we all had a ton of fun.

    –spacehippy matt from @crashspacela

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