Sep 142010

Wanna make a 1/10 scale trebuchet to test out your PunkinChunkin design?

Do you have a great holiday gift idea in your head that laser cut rapid prototyping would help you realize? Hmmm.

Wish you could make a Pop-up but are afraid you’ll cut yourself with an Exacto knife?

Come take the laser class! It cuts wood, acrylic, paper, foamcore, leather, acetal, mylar and a lot of other things. We’ll teach you all the basics to get you cutting your own designs.

Click here to sign up for the October 2nd class.

 Posted by at 1:15 am
  • Leather! Meeeow!

  • yetanothermike

    Hmmm.Three thoughts:

    1 A reasonable response to when somebody says-and they will-“Release the Kraken!”

    2 When the class is over,will someone say “You're Fired?”

    3 'Fire _Thee_ Lazzzzor!' Typo? Jussst askeing 😉