Aug 292010

No hackerspace is complete without it’s own rockin’ supercomputer – and when a Gibson isn’t available, a Cray-1 will have to do. My 1/10-scale, binary-compatible Cray-1 is finally done! This project took a long time (almost as long as my infamous electromechanical computer, or *gasp* the MegaScroller), but it’s done. And it’s awesome. NYCR now has its own Cray-1A, complete with wrap-around pleather sitting area. Eat your hearts out fellow hackerspaces!

  • Is it possible to play Crysis on it?

  • Amazing work! But I think it would be more impressive without the 1/10th scale 😀 make it big!


  • Safarian

    Awsome! Please, I want HAL 9000 in that size. No matter if he's completely binary compatible, though.

  • dogg that is an excellent cray. if you can afford the flourinert you should do a cray-2 next. yes.

  • 757 Labs would like to welcome you guys to the Cray club! Sadly ours is still waiting on some drives to get it up and running:

  • yetanothermike

    Moore's Law at work!

  • Do you know how long I had to search for something like this? I’ve been thinking of doing this for years. Love it!

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