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Aug 042010

DIY Bookbinding: August 14th from 3pm-5pm.

Learn everything you need to start making your own artist’s books or hand-bound journals! In this class, learn techniques and tips to make your own hand-bound books. We’ll go over a bunch of stitching methods, page-folding, and book cover options. Materials will be provided, if you want to bring some special paper or materials you have, we invite you to do so.

The cost is $60 and includes the materials fee.

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Shelby Arnold is a paper engineer who makes pop-up books, origami, and artist books. She works for Robert Sabuda making children’s pop-up books and pop-up cards for his MoMA line. She has a degree in graphic design from Pratt Institute, which happens to be the same school Alicia went to as well.

Alicia Gibb is a recovering librarian. She has a degree in art education and loves little bits of paper. Alicia currently works as the Gadget Wrangler for Bug Labs. Alicia curates her own artist book collection and draws stick figures.

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  1. oh, can you have another day, please please please? I have family coming this Saturday so I must be at JFK for them… I'd love to make this class in a near future!

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