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Aug 022010
Font Secrets Revealed

Fonts cannot be shared and when they do not work right, you are not allowed to fix them. Making your own typefaces is a black art, hidden in mystery.

A long time ago programs were the same, but the free software movement has freed the know­ledge, tools and the business of software.

Now it is time to free fonts.

This introductory talk and Q&A reveals how to design typefaces using only free software—and how to make money doing it.

Topics Include:

  • Installing GNU/Linux and Libre Graphic Design Tools on Your Laptop
  • Typeface Design Principles, Font Editor Secrets
  • How Graphic Design Businesses Can Profit From Libre Fonts

Thursday, August 5th, 2010 – 6-9pm, held jointly with our regular Craft Night

~ Free Fonts ~ Free Libre Open Source Software ~ GNU/Linux ~ GPL ~ Wikipedia ~ Creative Commons ~

~ Free Culture ~ Open Font Library ~ Inkscape ~ Open Font License ~ FontForge ~ Public Domain ~

A talk by Dave Crossland

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  1. Sounds like a great talk.

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