May 302010

During Hackday I worked on a display for the Stabby ID.

I have six or so HDSP 2111 units lying around. They also come in green and red led models.

Read on for Schematic and Demo Arduino Source


1 HDSP 211x LED Display
1 SN74LS595N Low Current Shift Register
1 Arduino compatible board
1 current reference capacitor ( just for safety )



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  1. […] at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories, they’ve posted a quick breakdown of how to interface those neat little HDSP LED displays with an Arduino. This specific instance is for Mr. Stabby. Source code and schematic are […]

  2. […] HDSP211x alphanumeric displays in the LED bin at NYCR and loved the StarTAC style. He had previously written about driving them, but using an Arduino and a shift register on a breadboard was a bit large for my goal of making it […]

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