Apr 082010

Wow, just – wow.  Patrick Jean posted this Apr 7, so it’s fairly fresh.  Amazing NYC videography-meets-CGI. Watch it in full-screen, my WordPress-posting-fu is still in training (it is also 02:00 UTC-4.)

Uploaded by onemoreprod. – Independent web videos.

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  • bob

    am i the only nerd who finds so much nyc buildings falling down really unpleasant to watch? maybe i'm the only one viewing this who was here that day.

    • I was in NYC. And you know what, if you can't laugh at the horrors of life, you are really missing out on one of the single greatest traits in our human background. Laughing in the face of death, and all the other horrors of life is downright heroic. That aside dark humor in general has an established and celebrated history, one I enjoy. Ultimately, different strokes for different folks try not to be offended by it.

      • bob

        matt: not 'offended'. just wondering if anyone else finds it unpleasant or creepy.

        • Nobody sees falling buildings without some negative feeling, but this one is made good – I don't feel fear like I felt on 9/11 seeing it as far (Moscow) “virtually” as this movie is.

          • Sameer

            I agree that the bomb was a bit freaky but it didn't take away from my enjoyment of the vid.

  • Rafael

    really , really cool video. worth the time spent here.
    i just don't see why bother if it shows bomberman in nyc. that is, to me, being too paranoid.