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Mar 232010

We’ve got a lot of friends here in New York, and we like to mention when they’re doing awesome things.  Here’s one of them, a Bioelectricity class run by HTINK over at Bug Labs this Wednesday night.
Bug Labs – 598 Broadway (at the corner of Houston) 4th floor, New York, NY
Wednesday, 3/23/2010, 7PM, Bug Labs

Have you ever wondered how living organisms create and control electrical energy?  Come learn how living cells use nanopumps and ion channels to generate and transmit signals that control everything from how hard you click a mouse to how quickly your heart beats.  Matthieu and Krystoff, biomedical engineers with the world.s largest implantable medical device manufacturer, Medtronic, will discuss these principles and more, as we cover everything from neural signal processing to heart rhythm control.

Explore the rapidly growing field of bioelectronic devices and get a chance to build your own EKG machine.  Come learn how implantable pacemakers and defibrillators track and control heart rhythms, and allow doctors to hack patient biorhythms remotely via a combined internet and RF communication channel.  Additionally, the science of pacing and defibrillation therapies will be discussed along with a demonstration of the effects of therapeutic electrical shocks.

There will be a kit available to build. Purchasing the kit is not required. If you do purchase a kit, you will want to bring a windows laptop to view the output from the ECG. No tools are required.

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  1. Tuesday March 23, or Wednesday March 24?

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